Where to live?

This is a pretty straight forward question with a very straight forward answer: wherever you want to. But where is it good really?

The topic came up over the weekend when we decided to go and see some gorgeous houses where I wouldn’t have to smell the farts of my neighbour and my children would have space – more then 20 square meters – to run around in the garden, God help me, I could even get a trampoline what I have always wanted, khm… what I have always wanted for my son… :)

So, back to the question about how to chose the ideal home.

little house on the prairie

This is from the famous series “Little House on the Prairie” and it’s only for decorative purposes, i do not advise anyone to have to be squeezed into a tiny house

Decide on the size and the attributes of the house

Unless you have heaps of money to spend on moving and buying houses every 10 years, chose the size and chose it carefully. How many bedrooms do you want, open living area, how many bathrooms, garden size, town house, detached, semi-detached, bungalow etc..

Decide on the locality, how long do you mind travelling

Is 1 hour or more a lot for you to travel to work every day? Would you want less? What kind of neighbours do you want to have? Do you want to be able to go to the shopping centre every day? Do you need urbanised localities to make you happy? (e.g. shops, pubs, bars, shops, shops and shops)

Let’s see in my case: I want to have a detached house out in the country with 4-5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, I want to have a conservatory and a room only for my piano, I want the house to be in the middle of a field, and I don’t want to be able to hear the neighbour arguing with the wife over the dinner. I want to have wooden flooring all over the house and tiles in the kitchen. Heating should be oil or gas, cooking should work on gas too. I want to be able to commute by train wherever I need to and the train station should only be a short stroll or drive away.

Summarizing it… Are you the urban girl who needs everything at her doorstep or are at that stage that you don’t feel you have to rush things, you would like to settle and have peace and quiet?

Anyhow it is, write a list of what you want and whenever you go house-hunting, tick the list, and don’t compromise on what you have decided, unless you are absolutely sure you can live with that.