Through my eyes today

On my way home today I was looking around – not that I don’t do that every day, but still, today was different, I looked at people a little bit more curiously then any other day. The usual people-watching. But it wasn’t a great pleasure.

I saw people worn out from working, rushing, worrying.

I saw the weight of having to be a human in a civilized country.

I saw the teenagers going home from study, the office workers rushing to get the train, the businesswoman thinking of the business (AND picking her nose dressed in the little elegant suit – honestly, I’m not kidding). The young adults looking for “shelter” in the pubs, really only just looking for a good time to forget that from 9 – 5.30 it is the real world. Real World.

How cruel is this RW to us? The answer is: as cruel as we make it to be.

After all who is responsible for everything happening at the moment? It is us.

We caused the global warming – I know you know, that is just the easiest example. But there are numerous other factors which made the world just as much better as much worse. I’m thinking of the money, the greed, the oil, the killing of people and animals, the wars, all the useless stuff which I have no patience to think about.

This is really out of our hands sisters and brothers (bua – ha – ha – ha -this was my mad non-scientist or preacher laugh)!!

Are you happy to live your life in a “mill-wheel” ?(I hope you understand this expression, this is supposed to describe the repetitiveness and boredom).

Do you want to change? How? When and what?

There is no answer in this post to anything. It’s only a fraction of my thoughts from today, a very tiny fraction. The line of thoughts from today unfortunately suffered a severe damage by being interrupted with the RW.

The Real World.

That feckin Real World.