Tall Girls and High Heels

Can we wear them? Can we?

Being 1.81 meters or shall we say 5’11” it has been sort of bothering me for a long long time.
How is it to be the tallest girl (and sometimes taller then boys too) in the whole class from elementary school? NOT GOOD.

I was always the tallest, I was always the one who had to stand at school photos at the back or sitting down somewhere in the middle, I was always the one to get the biggest shoes (size 7 or so), I was always the one who had to go around the shops ages to find jeans with the longest legs, or look for trousers which had the extra fabric to make it work for me. Formal jackets, blouses, shirts were always with way too short sleeves. Shall I continue?

Have you ever felt like you should not wear high heels because you will stand out too much and people will make fun of you?
Have you ever looked at a REALLY beautiful pair and think like “shit… why do I have to be so damn tall?!”…
Have you ever thought about that cute guy in the class you just can’t go out with because it would look ridiculous?

HA!! I have the answers for you!

1. Ashamed. Don’t be ashamed of your height. It’s how you were made, it’s how you have to live your life. You can get bigger breasts, smaller breasts, you can do liposuction or a whole lot of things, but height is something you can’t change on, so you better accept it. Look at the supermodels (this is the least favourite example of mine, because who gives a crap? They are famous, they are not realREAL everyday people with everyday lives), they are 6′ and they wear whatever comes to their mind.

2. Weight. Try not to carry around extra weight, be the best weight you can ever be, don’t let love handles and bulging fat show, if you do have all that, I would say: stay away from heels unless you want to look like a whale in heels, but this is only my personal opinion. Also if you are too thin, you will end up looking like a spaghetti, which is no better then a whale in heels.

3. Boyfriends. Don’t mind if your boyfriend is shorter then you! If he likes you, he won’t mind it either. Of course, if not necessary (for your own self), try to look the shortest without stooping, because that seems like trying too hard (isn’t it really trying too hard?) and being ashamed of your height. As a latest example I saw a really tall girl at a party a couple of weeks ago, she must had been a basketball player, and was around 6’2″ or so. And her boyfriend was 5’9″ the maximum. They looked very different in height and the girl was wearing flip flops. But the best thing about it was, that the guy didn’t care. He just simply loved her and wasn’t ashamed to show it! :)

4. Compromise. You don’t want to look ridiculous. Chose one of the following, but don’t get everything at the same time, because it might look good on someone who is 5’2” to make them stand out of the ground, but you wouldn’t want to chassé around with 6 inch heels, 12 inch tall hair, turtleneck and belt size miniskirt.
Get a fab pair of heels, and that is it. Get a taller hairdo, but not the rest. Choose accordingly.

5. Sex. We all love it. So why not make it better? High heels train your pelvic floor muscles, so go on with it!

6. Sexiness. Heels look sexy. They make your legs and ankles look slimmer, longer, if you dress well, you can have your legs look never ending, so why not play with it and make the most out of your sexy looks. :)

7. Learn to walk. If your walk is clumsy, you will look miserable, no matter what shoes or clothes you wear. But imagine your bad walk with heels which is hard to walk in for starters gracefully enough even if your posture is flawless. I see lots of average height girls with bad walk in high heels. I see them stepping to the inside of their legs, leaving their knees bent, heels moving backwards at every step, digging the shoe into the ground at every step and I could just continue… No! Learn to walk and those few inches won’t do much of a difference anyway.

So on the grounds above, I will put my leggings on and my high heeled Scholl sandals and chassé my way to do some lovely shopping! Have all the heads turn after me, be proud of my weight loss (bear in mind I just had a baby a few months ago) and hold my head high up because I am tall and beautiful!!! :))))


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and simply have to tell you how happy this post made me!

    I am tall girl too, and sometimes feel really insecure about my height, but your post made me put my high heels on, go out and feel confident and beautiful.

    Thank you! :)

  2. Tall girl with high hills not bad at all. I’m on 5.9” inches. I almost appreciate high hills though sometimes it’s not good for walking. But looks really fashionable. My cousin crazy Lucy like it amazingly though her height 5.3” inches. In this issue I appreciate her approach perfect. Thanks a lot. Keep up coming! :)

  3. Thanks girls!

    Carry on with self confidence!


  4. Never even tried on a pair. I feel at 5’11 they are best looked at & dreamed about but not touched or worn….