How To Overcome Shyness

Shy people. They are cute but annoying sometimes. They go around in the shops for ages to find something, just so they don’t have to ask the shop assistant, because that would probably be the end of the world. (right. sure.) Or they would go on the street wonder what the time is, are they […]

How to tell if someone is lying

My least favourite topic. And I don’t even know the proper answer for it, because there is none! Or you know it or you don’t. Of course they say “ignorance is a bliss” and you can just pretend you don’t notice for your own peace of mind. That doesn’t work for me. Since I know […]

How to know your partner is cheating

Are you a jealous type and you feel that at this time something is really wrong? Or maybe you feel that something has changed and it’s certainly not the weather? Many of us are cursed with paranoid thoughts which are most likely followed by idiotic actions but if you feel that this time it’s different […]