How to quit smoking

What are cigarettes made of? Surely not sugar and spice and everything nice… just take a look:


I am off the cigarettes for nearly a month now. Have had loads of cravings, but only had 1/4 of a cigarette last Monday. I thought it was gonna be the “big thing” that I am off them for so long now, and yes, I deserve just 1. Funny thing is, I hated it. And I used to be a big smoker. Enjoying it all the time. I have tried to quit several times without any luck really. I tell you the secret now. I don’t say it’s easy but with the right state of mind and maybe the right technique it’s much better.

Make the decision

You have to make the decision that you want to quit for. I quitted for my son, who asked me: “Mama, don’t go to smoke, because you will die” (he is only 4 and I felt so ashamed smoking)So. You can make a list for yourself why you should quit – better skin, no stink, make yourself proud, don’t be tied to smoking places etc.

Smoke the cigarettes you have or get rid of them permanently

When I decided I had enough, I still had 5 cigarettes in the pack late afternoon and I tell you, as the decision was made, I really wanted to get rid of them so under pressure it wasn’t nice to smoke them, but anyhow, I finished up the pack for 7pm that day, having the last one actually before dinner – silly, I know.

Don’t give up your habits connected to the cigarettes (just yet)

I still go out for cigarette breaks at work… I still sit out on the balcony for the “cigarette break” with no smoke, just for the fresh air and to clear my head if needed… Have your coffee, it’s nice without the ciggie too… Whatever your habits were… :)

Talk about smoking

I talked about it A LOT, mainly in the first week. How did I used to do, what did I feel, when was the best time I smoked, what did I enjoy about it, etc.
I really don’t know about you, but this was something extremely helpful to me – like a session at the psychologist.

Most important – Delay, postpone, later, not now, wait a minute, tomorrow, whatever, until

What am I talking about?… The most important thing here is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO QUIT SMOKING FOR EVER. Yes, that’s the good news. You can smoke any time, the decision is yours. We live in a free world, we do what we want, we smoke when we want (nowadays when we are allowed to) and I like to keep an open mind about this, that yes, I could smoke if I wanted to. Where is the trick here? Let’s see:

  • “Hmm… a ciggie would be nice…. but I think i am just gonna wait until 4pm, that’s a better time to smoke”
  • “God.. it’s 4pm, I said I would have a smoke, but since the day is nearly over, I rather have one at home after dinner”
  • “The dinner was lovely, now let’s have that smoke… but the day is over as well…ehhhh…. I’m gonna leave it until tomorrow”

Basically, whatever you do, always try to delay having a cigarette. Never promise you won’t have another one. I always say to my husband:
“I promise you that I won’t smoke – until tomorrow. But I will do my best to promise that to you every day.”