How to get the perfect eyebrow shape

Many women don’t pay enough attention to their eyebrows.

This is a big mistake, since even the perfect make-up with the perfect skin can be ruined by shapeless, bushy or too thin eyebrows.

To define what kind of eyebrows you need, you have to look at your face shape first.

Round face

Round face needs something to elongate it and eyebrows are one of those tricks which can help. You should chose highly arched eyebrows which start from the inner side of your face and end not too long. The more inside you start the less it widens your face – of course don’t grow them together in between… :)

Arch them high so your face seems longer and skinnier.

Just like this:

round face - high arched eyebrows

(ps: actually, I think Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, so for her it’s really “whatever” when it comes to eyebrow shape…”)

Long face

This is what I have. I am currently “growing” my brows so I can get a fantastic shape for my holidays, but I will definitely insert a picture of myself as well, when they are done.

Long faces don’t need to be elongated more, therefore the best shape is the straight(ish). Shouldn’t be too close at the peak, but can end as far as you can go.

long face - straight eyebrow