Holiday with bad credit?!

We were in the car travelling from a city to another one when an ad in the radio started to chant it loudly that “take a holiday now, worry about the costs later”, or something like that. At the second we looked at each other with my husband, saying: YEAH, RIGHT.

How on earth could you enjoy your holiday, if you know that the tan you are getting is not only gonna age your skin, but is going to age your soul and deepen your wrinkles with all the worries you get when you are to pay it back. How many times have I heard some friends telling: “Sorry, can’t make it now, I’m a little tight until payday, still have to pay back the loan I took for last year to the Seychelles” or “Damn… they refused the mortgage because I had that loan from 3 years ago still to finish up.. You know, when I took my girlfriend to Thailand.”

  • Bad credit?  – no problemo! We will solve it! Go and enjoy yourself!
  • Car loan to pay? – it’s all right! It’s a holiday, you deserve it!
  • God help me… MORTGAGE? – Of course.. the holiday will do good for you!

You see that all your friends are taking vacations to exotic and amazing places and you want it too. That’s exactly what those financial blood suckers are going for.

Your gullibility, your greediness, your humanly wish to show more than there is. (like buying a padded bra to make your boobies look bigger… by the way, I have the ultimate bra for exactly this purpose and I will show you later… The lack of self-control what we have is hugely abused by the influencing advertisements, the show-off friends and we see that even at this time of the ongoing recession people tend to go to the bank to ask for another loan, only to have the holiday what the neighbour has, or better… Really! Think about it… Is it really worth the sleepless nights?

Loans are for more important things, (such as a house – to live in; or a car – to go with), sit on your arse, pay back the loan you have, go for a holiday when you have the money for it.