Chocolate – Good or Bad?

Everybody likes chocolate in some shape or form. Even me – who generally isn’t a chocolate fan. But what is the general conception about it? What do we tell our children about it? “Don’t eat so much chocolate, it’s bad for you! or Your teeth will get rotten! or You will get fat from it!” It’s literally endless how long and how many ways we have insulted “the chocolate”.

Now let’s see how much is true from all the tales:

(this is my favourite) Dark chocolate is better for you then milk chocolate: NO! The kcals are nearly the same. From here on it depends on you. If you want to consume more fat, chose the dark chocolate, if you prefer more sugar, get the milk chocolate. The milk chocolate also has calcium – after all, it’s called “milk” chocolate

Too much chocolate will cause you migrene: Yes, if you can eat a truckload of it, literally, because of the fenetil-amin and tiramin.

Calories vs Darkness: people say that “the good chocolate has a lot of cocoa. Depends on what angle are you looking at it. More expensive if it’s darker because of the amount of cocoa, but at the same time, the darker it is, the more fat it has. (to keep it together :) ) If it has less cocoa, it will be sweeter. (I personally opt for sweetness) Sometimes people confuse quality with price… (dark choc – expensive – must be excellent: NO!!)

Chocolate troubles digestion and ruins your liver: oh my. What a lie. Everything causes digestive problems if you eat too much of it. In reality, chocolate only stays in your stomach for 1 hour, so there is no way that it’s troubling your stomach. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the liver whatsoever.

Chocolate makes you fat: no. SOME chocolate won’t make you fat. Lots of chocolate and lots of food will. Don’t blame sweeties only.

Eating chocolate will protect your heart and circulation: Besides sugar and fat, chocolate has more ingredients as well, such as lots of antioxidants which protects you – like tannin, vitamin E, beta-carotene. Also you can find Kalium in chocolate which has blood pressure lowering effect and at last the healthy amount of chocolate could even lower your colesterol.

Chocolate has low GI index: absolutely true.

So go ahead and eat a healthy amount of chocolate when you feel like, it not only will make you happy, but contribute to your overall health.