Weight Watchers 1 – in my interpretation…

A lot of dots at the end of the title, I know. It’s not nice and not professional to do al that dotting but still? So here comes the story… Once I was a normal girl. Tall, good figure, normal boobs, flat abs, no big thighs or bum or nothing out of the ordinary, unless […]

Chocolate – Good or Bad?

Everybody likes chocolate in some shape or form. Even me – who generally isn’t a chocolate fan. But what is the general conception about it? What do we tell our children about it? “Don’t eat so much chocolate, it’s bad for you! or Your teeth will get rotten! or You will get fat from it!” […]

How to get up in the morning and be fresh

This is a task for nearly all of us. Very few people were blessed to be a morning person. Where I think the problem lies is: the brain. Your body is going to be tired until you wake up your brain! Tonight I didn’t sleep great. My husband is sick, he was snoring too much […]