Tall Girls and High Heels

Can we wear them? Can we? Being 1.81 meters or shall we say 5’11” it has been sort of bothering me for a long long time. How is it to be the tallest girl (and sometimes taller then boys too) in the whole class from elementary school? NOT GOOD. I was always the tallest, I […]

Daily Skincare Regimen

Very serious title to a very serious topic. I always get complimented on my skin, so I figured I should share the wisdom. :D Skincare should start in the early age, depending on how girls/boys mature and how the pimples start making our lives a living hell. My Mother started to care about my skin […]

Make-up mistakes that should never happen

Everybody wants to look their best, but there are things which actually make you look worse instead of showing your better side. This is how you should never look: Don’t wear a mask Foundation and concealer is great, but if you only put it on your face and not spreading it out properly to your […]