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How to tell if someone is lying

My least favourite topic. And I don’t even know the proper answer for it, because there is none! Or you know it or you don’t. Of course they say “ignorance is a bliss” and you can just pretend you don’t notice for your own peace of mind. That doesn’t work for me. Since I know […]

BabyBlogging – do you really need it?!

I read and write on a forum online every single day. And every single day I see that in the free blogging option brings up more and more blogs about new babies and new moms. “Today is another long day, my baby burped on my new top, I didn’t have time to wash my hair […]

Daily Skincare Regimen

Very serious title to a very serious topic. I always get complimented on my skin, so I figured I should share the wisdom. :D Skincare should start in the early age, depending on how girls/boys mature and how the pimples start making our lives a living hell. My Mother started to care about my skin […]