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All natural cleaning tips

Earth-friendly cleaning, natural substances are very popular lately, due to the excessive abuse of chemicals we have been using globally. This is exactly why I am writing this article–and because I have stopped smoking and it’s going so well and that IS a contribution to fresh air to everybody. Here comes a list of natural […]

Smelly food

I have no problem whatsoever with people eating smelly food. Actually I love garlic. I really do. But there is this office problem – bloody @$%^&!!!! smoked fish, heated up on the ground floor, brought up to the 2nd floor leaving a long lasting smell ALL OVER the office?! I swear, that’s it for me. […]

Through my eyes today

On my way home today I was looking around – not that I don’t do that every day, but still, today was different, I looked at people a little bit more curiously then any other day. The usual people-watching. But it wasn’t a great pleasure. I saw people worn out from working, rushing, worrying. I […]