Archives for August 2009

Holiday with bad credit?!

We were in the car travelling from a city to another one when an ad in the radio started to chant it loudly that “take a holiday now, worry about the costs later”, or something like that. At the second we looked at each other with my husband, saying: YEAH, RIGHT. How on earth could […]

Make-up mistakes that should never happen

Everybody wants to look their best, but there are things which actually make you look worse instead of showing your better side. This is how you should never look: Don’t wear a mask Foundation and concealer is great, but if you only put it on your face and not spreading it out properly to your […]

How to quit smoking

What are cigarettes made of? Surely not sugar and spice and everything nice… just take a look: I am off the cigarettes for nearly a month now. Have had loads of cravings, but only had 1/4 of a cigarette last Monday. I thought it was gonna be the “big thing” that I am off them […]