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How to get up in the morning and be fresh

This is a task for nearly all of us. Very few people were blessed to be a morning person. Where I think the problem lies is: the brain. Your body is going to be tired until you wake up your brain! Tonight I didn’t sleep great. My husband is sick, he was snoring too much […]

How to get the perfect eyebrow shape

Many women don’t pay enough attention to their eyebrows. This is a big mistake, since even the perfect make-up with the perfect skin can be ruined by shapeless, bushy or too thin eyebrows. To define what kind of eyebrows you need, you have to look at your face shape first. Round face Round face needs […]

How to build your self confidence – part 1

Self confidence is an essential part of our personality and it has an immediate and strong effect on our everyday and future life. Lack of self confidence can lead to a number of things: no job, losing your job, not getting promotions jealousy for other people’s success jealousy of your partner numerous other things However, […]