Weight Watchers 1 – in my interpretation…

A lot of dots at the end of the title, I know. It’s not nice and not professional to do al that dotting but still?

So here comes the story…

Once I was a normal girl. Tall, good figure, normal boobs, flat abs, no big thighs or bum or nothing out of the ordinary, unless you want to count my extremely broad shoulders, which makes it very hard to buy a decent coat or jacket. At this point I must mention as well, that my two favorite body parts are my shoulders and my back. (God, I find them stunning – don’t laugh, it’s called healthy self confidence in my dictionary)

So anyway. Years passed, I got married and had my first child. For my healthy 70 kilos and 182cms I was in my perfect BMI and look and feel good state. What happened after was, that I got pregnant and started eating.  A LOT.  Put on probably 40 kilos so if you have basic math skills or a calculator that will make out 110 kilos for the end of the pregnancy. The doctor didn’t even ask me to stand on the scale for the last few check ups, since it was useless. I simply had to eat.

Long story cut short, I had my beautiful Daniel in January, and by November the same year I was 68 kilos. That means that I lost around 42 kilos in 10 months.

I was in around this weight, the perfect was 70-72 kilos until I got pregnant with Sara. I gained the same 40 kilos.

The issue here is, that she is 17 months old and I am still 80 kilos. It must be the age but I can’t seem to getReid of that silly ten kilos.

My grand plan is that I lose the weight the exact same way I did with Dani. It’s not the first 20 which is hard to lose. It’s the last few….


And since it’s very late now and I need to work tomorrow, I’m gonna tell you how in my next post…

Today’s weight was 79.9 kilos in the morning.


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